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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Personal service"

"It is locally owned and managed."

"Love the staff"

"Personal care from Perry"

"Personal care - hometown people"

"When you walk in you are greeted; everybody knows you; fast, efficient service!!!"

"Friendliness, efficient, caring, knowledgeable,...everything"

"Hometown people"

"They know my name."



"Don't make you wait for prescriptions."

"You know us by name and not a number and fill our prescriptions in a timely manner."

"Friendliness and personalized service"

"Small-town pharmacy"

"Compassion for customers and Mr. John is terrific"

"I like the people. They are so friendly and they talk to you like you are family. They show you that they care by the way they treat you. If ever a problem occurs they are so willing to help you solve it."

"The people are very nice"


"They are nice people "


"Always have time to answer any questions even though they are busy. Always friendly."


"The wonderful people that work there!"

"All of the above. Excellent pharmacy that we appreciate greatly."


"They know me by name."

"Small and they know you by name when you walk in"

"Local and convenient"

"Great friendly staff"

"Always friendly and professional. Mr. John always has time to answer questions and give suggestions. Thank you Mr. John."

"It's better to shop local, and this pharmacy is the epitome of great customer service!!"

"The people are so family and very patient . Always a personal hello, good morning, and have a nice day. They show you that they care for you. "

"The people that work here. They are like part of the family. The medication is very reasonably priced. If the medication is not normally stocked, it is ordered and always received in a timely manner."

"The staff are always great!"


"Holmes Pharmacy is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Kathy!!!!! The best pharmacy tech in Troup County."

"Personal attention!"

"Very personable. They really know you as a person."



"Mr. John is great and takes time to speak to you and be helpful . Good staff."

"The staff is nice and friendly"

"Fast and friendly service. Love the app!; so easy to use."

"Friendly staff"


"Staff and how quickly my prescriptions are filled."

"The people and their expertise."

"The staff is awesome! I don't have insurance and the price of medications is affordable! Perry and the Pharmacist are always so helpful! They treat us like family."

"The people are so kind"

"Locally owned and operated. I have also known several employees and their families for over 30+ years."


"Mr. John and staff are great"

"They really care!"

"They have the meds I need and no one else does"

"The people"

"They have meds I can only get there"

"Pleasant and caring"

"Hometown people serving their home town."

"Always nice and helpful"


"The staff know you by name, not by a number! I love that!"

"Awesome caring staff"

"Hometown pharmacy"

"Friendly personable staff"

"Down home feeling; quick; answers any questions"

You can help Holmes Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!